04.05.13 MASTIFF CLUB XV SPECIALTY SHOW, Luige, Estonia (judge - Guido Vandoni, Italy). Blonde - exl,  BOB, Club Winner EMC CW2013, BIS-II. Results and photo 

13.04.201313.04.13 Tallinn Winner 2013

13.04.13 International Dog Show "Tallinn Winner 2013" Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Peter Harsanyi, Hungary). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, CACIB, BOB, Tallinn Winner 2013. Results and photo 

18.02.201316-17.02.13 Moldova


International Dog Show Chisinau, Moldova (judge - Liudmila Lavrova, Moldova). 

Blonde - exl., CAC, res.CACIB, CH.MOL, 

Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., CAC, CH.MOL

National dog show, Turkey (judge – Umit Ozkanal, Turkey). 

Blonde - exl., CAC, CH.TK

National dog show, San Marino (kohtunik – Cem Sutunc, Turkey). 

Blonde - exl., CAC


International Dog Show Chisinau, Moldova (judge – Boris Aleksandrov, Ukraine). 

Блонде - отл., CAC, GrCH.MOL, 

Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., CAC, GrCH.MOL

National dog show, Turkey (judge – Ozan Belkis, Turkey). 

Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., CAC, CH.TK

National dog show, San Marino (judge – Rita Kadike-Skadina, Läti). 

Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., CAC

Results and photo

15.09.2012Puppies 15.09.2012

15.09.2012 was born puppies 4 male (2 grey and 2 black) and 3 female (all black). ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD. More information

18.08.2012Zhemchuzhina Karpat 2012

18.08.12 International Dog Show "Zhemchuzhina Karpat 2012" Uzgorod, Ukraine (judge - Vasile Carol Papp, Romania). Blonde - exl, res.CACIB, Ch.UKR

18.08.2012Baltic Winner 2012

18.08.12 International Dog Show "BalticWinner 2012" Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Andriana Griffa, Italy). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, CACIB, BOO, Baltic Winner 2012.

05.08.2012Druskininkai Cup 2012

05.08.12 International Dog Show "Druskininkai Cup 2012" Druskininkai, Lithuania (judge - Maite Lorenzo Gonzablo, Spain). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, res.CACIB.

06.11.201106.11.11 Tartu CACIB

06.11.11 International Dog Show Tartu, Estonia (judge - Rajendra Salvi, India). Blonde - exl, CACIB, BOO. Results and photo 

10.10.2011Valmiera, Siauliai 2011

08.10.11 National Dog Show Valmiera, Latvia (judge - Olga Goncharuk, Ukraine). Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl. CAC, BOO

09.10.11 National Dog Show Siauliai, Lithuania (judge - Regina Vaitkunskiene, Lithuania). Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl. CAC, BOO

24.08.2011Tallinn 20.08.2011

20.08.11 International Dog Show Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Petrus Roosenboom, Belgium). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, res.CACIB. Results and photo 

13.08.2011Pskovskii Suvenir 2011

13.08.11 International Dog Show "Pskovskii Suvenir 2011" Pskov, Russia (judge - Tibor Gellen, Hungary). Blonde - exl, CACIB, BOO and Ch.RKF. Results and photo 

04.06.2011Estonian Winner 2011

04.06.11 International Dog Show "Estonian Winner 2011" Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Elena Ruskovaara, Finland). Blonde - exl, res.CACIB. Results and photo 

10.04.2011Rakvere 2*CAC

09.04. - 10.04.11 National Dog Show Rakvere, Estonia. 09.04. judge - Marja Talvitie, Finland - Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., JCAC, BJ, BOB. 10.04. judge - Kresten Scheel, Denmark - Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., JCAC, BJ, BOB.

Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - JCH. EST, LV, LT, BALT, RUS. Congratiluation!!!!


10.03.2011 Divais iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - INTERCHAMPION!!!

20.02.2011Valmiera 2*CAC

19.02. - 20.02.11 National Dog Show Valmiera, Latvia. 19.02. judge - Zoran Brankovic, Serbia - Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl. 20.02. judge - Liudmila Nikitina, Russia - Polyaris Vincitore iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa - exl., JCAC. Results

11.02.2011Tallinn Cacib

11.02.11 Interntional Dog Show Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Dusan Paunovic, Serbia). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, JCAC, BJ, BOO. Results and photo

16.10.2010Rakvere 16.10.10

 16.10.10 National Dog Show Rakvere, Estonia (judge - Malgorzata Supronovicz /Poland). Rikko Rikardo - exl, CAC


10.10.10 National Dog Show Šiauliai, Lithuania (judge - Šulce Tina, Latvia). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, JCAC, BOB

28.08.2010Pskovskii Suveniir 2010

28.08.10 International Dog Show "Pskovskii Suveniir 2010"  Pskov, Russia (judge - Torbjorn Skaar, Sweden). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - exl, JCAC, Divais iz SA - exl., CACIB, BOS.


21.08.10 Interntional Dog Show, Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Caludio de Guliani, Italy). Divais iz SA - exl., BOO, CACIB, INTERCHAMPION. RESULTS AND PHOTO

05.06.2010Estonian Winner 2010

05.06.10 Interntional Dog Show "Estonian Winner 2010", Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Mel Palm, Estonia). Divais iz SA - exl., BOO, CACIB, Estonian Winner 2010


22.05.10 National show, Plunge, Lithuania (judge - Irina Azen, Belarus). Blonde - exl., CAC, BOO

24.04.201024.04.10 Ukraine

24.04.10 National show  Chernigov, Ukraine (judge - Oleinikova Zoya, Ukraine). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - very promising, 2/3, Blonde - exl.,R.CAC, Divais iz SA - exl., CAC, BOB, Ukraine Champion.

19.04.201017.04.10 Speciality Show

17.04.10 - Cane Corso Spesiality Show, Sankt-Peterburg,Russia (judge - Andriano Bosa, Argentina). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - very promising, Best Bebi. Divais iz SA - exl., working class 1, Candidate in Club Champions. RESULTS and VIDEO

06.03.2010Show 06.03.2010

06.03.2010 - National show Tallinn, Estonia (judge - Matti Tuominen, Finland). Polyaris Vincitore iz SA - Best Bebi. RESULTS and PHOTO


All puppys from Daniel and Divais are sold


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01.12.2009Royal Canin

We signed contract with Royal Canin. More....


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28.11.09 - National show Sillamae, Estonia (judge - Katrin Lahi, Estonia). Rikko Rikardo - exl., САС. RESULTS 


Our dogs love agility, we invite all to join us INFO


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Sold 2 male more.....

06.11.2009New puppy photos

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Born 7 puppys from Divais iz Sozvezdiya Adomasa and Chizaro Lorss Daniel. More information....